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Technical Training Programs

Shorten the Learning Curve on New Products and Technologies

Adeneo Embedded offers professional developers and project managers a variety of courses for any stage in the device development process. Select the training course that best meets your requirements such as: evaluating a new technology or taking an in-depth course that will get you ready-to-design.

Bridge the Gap between Investing in a New Technology and Implementing It

The Adeneo team is deeply familiar with design methodologies and development tool sets. Our deep understanding of what works and what does not work is critical expertise for your embedded device projects. Get the Adeneo advantage to ensure your new technology investment is fully leveraged to speed your team to success.

You can learn how to:

  • Appropriately scope your embedded device project to avoid costly mistakes

  • Run an embedded design project smoothly with a new technology (OS and/or hardware)

  • Use efficiently your team's time rather than face questions during each development stage

Ensure your Project's Success with the Award-Winning Provider of Embedded Training

Adeneo instructors spend many hours dedicated to training embedded technology professionals across North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our specialists deliver public or private classes in person either on-site or in our professional lab-focused classrooms. The collaborative classroom environment is enriched by the instructor's extensive experience in embedded technologies and their experience as professional trainers.

As a student, you will appreciate to:

  • Learn how to reduce risk and produce a reliable design

  • Improve your ability to evaluate platform capabilities

  • Training courses or conferences are also available via recorded webcast and live webinar.

Each training class can be conducted in French or English as needed.

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