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Windows Embedded CE/Compact BSPs for TI ARM-Based MPU Solutions

Adeneo Embedded designed the official Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP for Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-A8 based devices. This reference BSP supports OMAP35x processors, AM35x/AM37x Sitara™ microprocessors, DM37x DaVinci™ digital media processors, AM335x Sitara™ microprocessors, AM387x Sitara microprocessors and DM814x DaVinci™ digital media processors.

Adeneo Embedded is also Texas Instruments’ partner for the distribution and support of all Window Embedded Compact BSPs for ARM-Based MPUs, which includes the unified BSP for Cortex-A8 based devices, as well as Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for ARM9-based MPUs, including OMAP-L138 and Sitara AM1808.

The architecture of the unified reference BSP for Cortex-A8 based MPUs provides clear separations between CPU-dependent and board-dependent features. This Adeneo Embedded's approach allows embedded device makers to:

  • Focus only on portions of code they need to adapt when creating their custom design
  • Reuse all code linked to the core CPU without modifications
  • Smooth migration between OMAP and Sitara architectures

Download Sitara AM335x specific BSPs

Download OMAP4/5 specific BSPs

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At Adeneo Embedded, our goal is to support device makers using these reference BSPs for ARM9 and Cortex-A8, combined with Texas Instruments ARM-based solutions. We make available our extensive embedded development experience as a one-stop solution provider for value-added design and engineering services that streamline your embedded product development. Our expertise with Windows Embedded technologies combined with in-depth knowledge of TI OMAP, Sitara and DaVinci architectures allow us providing best in class support on OS and software development.


BSPs provided on this webpage are provided “AS IS” with no warranty, maintenance or support commitments. Moreover, these BSPs are intended to be used as a reference solution for adaptation to custom electronic design. They are not production ready, and their use for developing industrial and/or commercial devices require improvements, adaptation, optimization and industrialization to reach expected level of performance and robustness.
Adeneo Embedded provides free “community level” support on these BSP solely through e2e forums ( e2e.ti.com). When using these reference BSPs for the development of industrial and/or commercial embedded devices, we highly recommend our customer to consider contracting dedicated support contracts or professional development service agreement with Adeneo Embedded. Feel free to contact our sales team ( sales@adeneo-embedded.com) for additional information about our different support and development services options.

Partnership with Texas Instruments

Custom development

Support & maintenance


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  • Binary Image: Evaluate Windows Embedded Compact , Android, QNX and Linux operating systems on the Texas Instruments reference BSPs

  • Source BSP: Get access to the full source codes and adapt the BSPs to a custom Texas Instruments-based design

Download restrictions

Prior to click on the link below, please sign up or be logged-in. Then, you will be asked to agree to a Software Licence Agreement (SLA) to download the WEC7 source BSP.
BSPs marked as "FREE" can be loaded directly from the website.

TI Cortex-A8 solutions

Some BSPs require specific licensing terms and payment of a license fee to use the source code.
For these BSPs, If you are interested in evaluating for free the source code during 20 days, you have to:
1)  Download the NDA
2) Fill in the blanks and sign the document
3) Send the document back to our  sales team

Embedded Software Store

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BSP OS & Version Price Download link

The TI Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide production-quality development software for the following TI Cortex-A8 processors and associated TI Evaluation Modules (EVMs):









What's Included:

  • Bootloader and flashing utility

  • Board Support Package (BSP) with:
    >> Kernel Production Quality OEM Abstraction Layer (PQOAL)
    >> KITL debug connectivity support
    >> Device drivers for TI Cortex-A8 processor and EVM peripherals
    >> 3D Graphics SDK
    >> DirectShow Filters for various multimedia codecs
    >> Example applications
    >> Documentation

  • For the OMAP35x/DM37x WinCE SDK:
    >> Digital Video SDK (DVSDK) for developing multimedia applications on ARM+DSP devices
    >> DaVinci Multimedia Application Interface (DMAI)
    >> Codec Engine/Framework Component
    >> DSP/BIOS LINK (Interprocessor communication) sources
    >> DSP Codec Server with DSP-accelerated multimedia codecs

Click here to have more details

The ARM9™ processor family enables single processor solutions for DSP and Microcontroller applications, offering savings in chip area and complexity, power consumption, as well as improved performance :



For a detailed list of features supported by the Unified BSP on Cortex-A8 processor, please click here

For a detailed list of features supported by the Unified BSP on ARM9 processor, please click here

  • Mar 01 2011

    Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs

    Adeneo Embedded releases Windows Embedded Compact 7 Board Support Packages for Atmel, Freescale, NXP and Texas Instruments ARM SoC

  • Jun 07 2011

    Unified BSP for TI Cortex-A8 Updated

    Texas Instruments released two weeks ago an updated version of their Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 software development kit (SDK) for OMAP35x, AM35x and AM/DM37x processors including our unified board support package (BS...

  • Sep 22 2011

    WEC7 BSP for TI Cortex-A8 Processors

    Adeneo Embedded and Texas Instruments (TI) collaborated to port the existing Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 “unified” board support package (BSP) for TI Cortex-A8 processors and associated TI Evaluation Modules (EVMs) to...

  • Feb 15 2012

    Release of TI BSPs

    Few days ago, our engineering team released AM335x / AM387x / DM814x WEC7 reference BSPs from Texas Instruments

  • Feb 28 2012

    Release of New T.I BSP

    Enterprise- to industrial-focused OEMs can now leverage Adeneo Embedded’s support services for the Windows Embedded Compact platform on Texas Instrument’s latest Sitara™ ARM microprocessors and DaVinci™ technologies v...