Android, Linux and Windows Embedded BSPs for NXP i.MX-Based Solutions

Adeneo Embedded is the official partner of NXP for Windows Embedded CE, Windows Embedded Compact 7/2013, embedded Linux and Android developments on i.MX architectures. We edited reference BSPs for i.MX233, i.MX25, i.MX27, i.MX28i.MX53 and i.MX6 architectures. The i.MX portfolio consists of families based on ARM9, ARM11 and Cortex-A8 cores to address a range of performance, multimedia, power and cost requirements within consumer, industrial, medical and automotive market segments.

Each reference BSP supports features of its specific NXP i.MX development kit. You will find more information about supported features of every BSP by clicking here.

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As a NXP partner, our goal is to support device makers using the full line of i.MX reference BSPs (i.MX2x, i.MX3x, i.MX5x and i.MX6). We make available our experience on i.MX processors family as a one-stop solution provider for value-added design and engineering services that streamline your NXP i.MX-based product development.

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Reference BSPs for i.MX23 EVK, i.MX25 PDK and i.MX27 PDK developed and supported by Adeneo Embedded are available FOR FREE on NXP website

  • Binary Image: Enable rapid prototyping to evaluate the operating system and speed the processor selection process ( contact us if you do not find the binary image you need on this page)

  • Source BSP: Get access to the full source code and adapt the BSP to a custom design (one time license fees, no royalties) - i.MX28 EVK/WEC7 source code access for 20-day evaluation (under NDA)

Download restrictions

To complete the download process, you will be asked to register/log in to the NXP website

If you are interested in evaluating for free the i.MX28 EVK/WEC7 source code during 20 days, you have to:

1)  Download the NDA

2) Fill in the blanks and sign the document

3) Send the document back to our  sales team

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Freescale BSPs

Sales Conditions for Source BSPs

Following conditions are applicable for the reference source board support packages we deliver:

  • No royalties but only one time license fees allowing you to reduce unit cost.

  • Depending on the source BSP license cost, we enable or not 20 days of free source code evaluation under NDA.

Source BSP


Source Code

Support &

Support & Update
for One Year

i.MX27_Linux & WinCE 6.0


Not applicable

Support Contract

Support Contract


$5,000 USD / 4000€

20 days under NDA

90 days included

$3,000 USD /

i.MX28 HEG_Linux & WEC7

Contact a Freescale

Not applicable

Support Contract

Support Contract



Not applicable

Support Contract

Support Contract


$500 USD / 490€

Not applicable

Support Contract

Support Contract

  • Jan 05 2012

    Adeneo Embedded, a Freescale i.MX development specialist

    This achievement demonstrates a stronger collaboration between Adeneo Embedded and Freescale, crowning many years of joint work on Windows Embedded, Linux and Android developments for i.MX architectures.

  • Jun 18 2009

    CE 6.0 BSP for Freescale i.MX25 PDK

    Adeneo Embedded announced new Windows Embedded CE 6.0 reference BSP for the Freescale i.MX25 PDK

  • Mar 01 2010

    CE6 BSP for Freescale i.MX23 EVK

    Adeneo Embedded collaborates with Freescale to release reference BSP for i.MX23 EVK

  • Feb 24 2015

    Embedded World: Adeneo Embedded Announces New Releases of Windows Embedded Compact BSPs for Freescale i.MX 6 Series Applications Processor


  • Jan 14 2009

    Linux 2.6 BSP for Freescale i.MX27 PDK development kit

    Adeneo Embedded announced new Linux 2.6. Reference BSP for i.MX27 PDK

  • Mar 01 2011

    Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs

    Adeneo Embedded releases Windows Embedded Compact 7 Board Support Packages for Atmel, Freescale, NXP and Texas Instruments ARM SoC