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Reference BSPs for NXP i.MX53 Quick Start Board

Adeneo Embedded ported Android and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating systems into the NXP i.MX53 Quick Start board (QSb), 

The i.MX53 QSb includes a display controller, hardware-accelerated graphics, 1080p video decode and 720p encode as well as numerous connectivity options ideally suited for applications such as human machine interface in embedded consumer, industrial and medical markets . >> About the i.MX53 Quick Start board

Adeneo Embedded: Official i.MX53 Partner

Being familiar with this hardware platform as well as both Android and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating systems, we are ideally placed to:

  • Assist you successfully in your evaluation stage with a dedicated training using the i.MX53 QSB;
  • Accelerate you OS selection with our technical benchmarking service
  • Support you for BSP customization with a technical support contract
  • Help you in your design upgrade/migration (operating system, hardware)


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  • Binary Image: Evaluate Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Android operating systems on the NXP i.MX53 QSB
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  • Source BSP: Get access to the full source codes and adapt the BSPs to a custom NXP i.MX53-based design (the Windows Embedded Compact 7 source BSP is subject to a software licence agreement - one time license fees, no royalties) - Free source code access for 20-day evaluation under NDA

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This BSP is still under iterative development/improvement. In case you find a feature which is not working to your expectation please contact Adeneo Embedded to see how best we can help you plan your product development.

As this is a low cost BSP meant for educational and/or evaluation/prototyping purposes, the support is free with typical response time of one to five business days. Adeneo Embedded does provide support contracts as additional services for corporations where the cost and support structure is accordingly adjusted

The i.MX53 Quick Start board integrates the i.MX535 applications processor which is the first i.MX processor to support 1080p multi-standard video playback with industry-leading low power consumption. With up to 1GHz core speed and a faster graphics core, it enables a more responsive user experience. Support for dialog DA9053 and Ripley PC34708 companion chips allows flexible custom hardware design.

These first versions of the Android and Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference board support packages include:


Android 2.3 BSP

Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP


Booting from MicroSD
Android support NFS + TFTP boot (loading image via ethernet)

Booting from MicroSDSplashscreen (i.MX53 logo in Eboot)


Android Debug Bridge (adb)
Power management

KITL supported via FEC

User Interface

PMIC with support for touchscreenDisplay

  • LCD panel
  • VGA output
  • HDMI

USB-Webcam support in Android
BacklightSupport for two user buttons (back/home)Support for UVC cameras

PMIC with support for touchscreenDisplay

  • LCD panel: Seiko 4.3", Chunghwa 7"
  • VGA output
  • HDMI (DVI)



Serial UART
USB Host
USB-OTG (device)
I2C driver in bootloader + kernel

Ethernet (FEC)
USB Host (supported only with external powered hub)USB-OTG (working only as Mass Storage)SD/SDHC and MMCI2C, DMA, GPIO, IOMUX,


AudioAndroid browserAccelerometer driverFreescale multimedia codecs

Audio (supports playback)VPU (HD encoding and Full HD decoding supported)GPU (OpenGL ES, OpenVG and Direct3D Mobile, DirectDraw)Media Player Applications (Music, Video and Photo)Internet Explorer 7 browser
Freescale multimedia codecs

Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP

Version 1.31 – June 8th 2012 (Available for NXP i.MX53QSB START-R platform)

  • Fixed hardware fault on suspend/resume
  • Fixed touchscreen issue on resume
  • Fixed catalog Multimedia section (some items were not available)
  • Fixed CSPI3 & ECSPI1 configuration

Version 1.30 - May 11th 2012

  • Fixed audio playback issue on START-R
  • Add support for LVDS display
  • Add 1Gb RAM support
  • Updated Multimedia Codecs
  • Integrated major updated from Freescale (11.05)
  • Add support for Seiko display in bootloader
  • Changed boot screen logo (Adeneo Embedded logo)
  • Add support for platform reset button
  • Updated catalog entries :
    • >> Touch Screen driver for MC34708 PMIC
    • >> Touch Screen driver for DA9052 PMIC (no support provided)
  • End of i.MX53 QSB START hardware support.

Version 1.30 BETA – March 9th 2012

  • Fixed Touch Screen issue (cursor position) (IMX53QSB START)
  • Fixed Touch screen low responsiveness (IMX53QSB-START only)
  • Fixed HDMI output
  • Fixed memory corruption issue
  • Add support for both IMX53QSB PMICs (catalog entries updated) :
    >> DA9052 PMIC for IMX53QSB-START board
    >> MC34708 PMIC for IMX53QSB-START R board
  • Following desktop shortcuts have been added :
    >> Internet Explorer
    >> Internet Explorer – Silverlight
    >> Olivia's Launcher

Version 1.30 ALPHA - January 30th 2012

  • Add MC34708 PMIC support for i.MX53 QSB START-R board

This BSP revision is only valid for i.MX53 QSB START-R board revision

Version 1.22 – August 26th 2011

Following features have been removed from the OSDesign:

  • Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • PPTP
  • USB Printer
  • Windows XP-like Sample Skin
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 Sample Browser
  • Sample Media Content

Following features have been added to the OSDesign:

  • CAB File Installer/Uninstaller
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Compatible with WEC 7 built 7.0.2698.0

Addition of Silverlight OpenGL XAML renderer plugin optimized for i.MX53 processor

Version 1.21 – June 27, 2011

  • Full support of MS Active Sync
  • Extending maximum image size to 146MB

Version 1.2 – May 24, 2011

  • Full compatibility with COMMON_FSL_V3/MX53_FSL_V3 (V2 is no more supported)
  • Full support of VGA display (1280*1024)
  • Full support of HDMI / DVI display (1920*1080 FULL HD)
  • Full support of both Touch Screen 4.3’ & 7’ (800*480)
  • Full support of USB devices trough USB and USB OTG ports without external HUB
  • Full support of PMIC DA9052
  • Full support of DVFC
  • Full support of Power Button as suspend / resume command
  • Support of USB OTG as Mass Storage

Version 1.1

  • Full compatibility with COMMON_FSL_V2/MX53_FSL_V2
  • Full support of Audio Driver
  • Full support of Serial Port
  • Full support of SD/MMC bootloader
  • Full support of FEC (Ethernet)
  • Full support of SD/MMC port
  • Full support of GPU and VPU
  • Support of USB with uses of specific external HUB
  • Support of 4.3’ screen but only as display, no touch

Android BSP

Version 4.2

  • Support Ripley PMIC
  • Merged kernel and U-Boot with Linux release 11.09

Version 4.1

  • Rebased BSP on Freescale r10.3 release
  • Added support for UVC cameras
  • Fixed backlight flickering on SEIKO LCD
  • Added documentation for the LVDS 10.1” touchscreen
  • Added partial support for the Ripley QSB
  • Fixed missing repository issue

Version 4.0

  • Update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Update to R10.2 for QSb

Version 3.3

  • Added support for Freescale R9.4 release. This includes improved performance fix, dvfs support
  • User Keys 1/2 added for Android as Back/Home
  • HDMI

Version 3.2

  • Added boot logo
  • Script to help setup the SD card file system for booting binary images

Version 3.1

  • Added command line information for using 7” LCD since 4.3” is now the default.
  • Also removed debug logging from libsensor

Version 3.0

  • Fix for touchscreen calibration
  • VGA support
  • USB OTG + adb support
  • Preliminary accelerometer orientation support

Version 2.0

  • Update to R9.3 for QSb board

Version 1.0

  • Initial drop of Android 2.2 (Froyo) on i.MX53 QSb

Further to the recent announcement of Adeneo Embedded Android™ and Windows® Embedded Compact 7 board support packages (BSPs) for the NXP i.MX53 Quick Start Board, our engineers share their development experience.

  • Mar 01 2011

    Freescale i.MX53 QSB - Ref BSPs

    Adeneo Embedded releases Windows™ Embedded Compact 7 and Android™ reference BSPs for the Freescale® i.MX53 Quick Start development platform

  • Mar 28 2011

    Development experience - i.MX53 QSB

    Further to the recent announcement of Adeneo Embedded Android™ and Windows® Embedded Compact 7 board support packages (BSPs) for the Freescale i.MX53 Quick Start Board, our engineers share their development experience

  • Aug 03 2011

    Silverlight OpenGL Rendering Plug-in - iMX53 QSb

    Developers who have selected the Freescale i.MX53 QSb to run nice multimedia applications with the Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system can benefit from an optimized rendering solution.

  • Jan 05 2012

    Adeneo Embedded, a Freescale i.MX development specialist

    This achievement demonstrates a stronger collaboration between Adeneo Embedded and Freescale, crowning many years of joint work on Windows Embedded, Linux and Android developments for i.MX architectures.

  • Jan 30 2012

    New BSP release for Freescale i.MX53 QSB

    Today, our engineering team releases the WEC7 BSP revision 1.30 alpha supporting the Freescale i.MX53 QSB START-R hardware

  • Jun 26 2012

    Release of Freescale i.MX53 QSB - Version 1.31

    Adeneo Embedded announces the availability of the support of Windows Embedded Compact 7 for the i.MX53 QSB START-R hardware revision. This new features improve the WEC7 Source BSP performance for our customers.