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Windows Embedded Compact 7 Reference BSP for NXP i.MX28 EVK

This Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference BSP for the NXP i.MX28 evaluation kit (EVK) allows developers to develop, debug and make demonstrations of their next product.

The i.MX28 EVK supports all the features of the i.MX28 family in a small, single-board design and an optional LCD add-on module to enable developers with a complete development platform at a low price point of less than $600. A range of peripheral and connectivity options makes the i.MX28 EVK suitable for developing a wide range of consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

>> About the i.MX28 Evaluation Kit

Adeneo Embedded: Partner of NXP

Being familiar with NXP ARM-based i.MX multimedia applications processors and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system, we are ideally placed to:

  • Assist you successfully in your evaluation stage with a dedicated training using the i.MX28 EVK;
  • Accelerate you OS selection with our technical benchmarking service
  • Support you for BSP customization with a technical support contract
  • Help you in your design upgrade/migration (operating system, hardware)
Freescale i.MX28 EVK

NXP i.MX28 Evaluation Kit

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Sales Conditions for Source BSPs

Following conditions are applicable for this Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference source BSP:

  • No royalties but only one time licence fees allowing you to reduce unit cost;
  • 20 days of free source code evaluation under non-disclosure agreement.
  • Licence cost:Contact our sales team
  • Support and maintenance: 90 days included

Download restrictions

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Embedded Software Store

You can also purchase this BSP on the ARM Embedded Software Store

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If you are interested in the free source code access 20-day evaluation under NDA, you have to:

1) Download the NDA ( test

2) Fill in the blanks and sign the document

3) Send the document back to our sales team

BSP OS & Version Price Download link

The "Manufacturing Tools" allowing to download OS images to the i.MX28 are available from the NXP website in the Download tab, under Development tools/Programmers. Side note: be careful, download the last version

The i.MX28 EVK integrates the i.MX287 applications processor and provides designers with the hardware functionality and connectivity required for developing many applications, such as smart energy gateways/meters, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), industrial control, portable medical, media gateways/ accessories and automotive infotainment.

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference board support packages includes:


Bootloader USB / SD



KITL (Ethernet)


Debug UART

Power Management Unit (PMU)

User Interface


Display MCIMX28LCD Seiko 4.3"

LRADC (Keypad, Touchscreen)

Notification LED



USB Host

Dual Ethernet




Windows Media Player



Various Support



  • Mar 01 2011

    Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs

    Adeneo Embedded releases Windows Embedded Compact 7 Board Support Packages for Atmel, Freescale, NXP and Texas Instruments ARM SoC

  • Jan 05 2012

    Adeneo Embedded, a Freescale i.MX development specialist

    This achievement demonstrates a stronger collaboration between Adeneo Embedded and Freescale, crowning many years of joint work on Windows Embedded, Linux and Android developments for i.MX architectures.