Android and Windows Embedded Reference BSP for Atom Series

Adeneo Embedded is an Affiliate member of the  Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.

From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 250+ global member companies of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. You can learn more  here.

Adeneo Embedded: Collaboration with Intel on Intel Baytrail, Braswell and IOTG Android BSPs 

Being an affiliate member  of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance allow us to innovate with the latest Intel technologies and helping developers deliver first-in-market solutions.This collaboration with Intel coupled with our Android expertise allow us to provide the latest Android BSP covering Intel Baytrail and Intel Braswell.

For more information on Intel products supported by Adeneo Embedded :

Adeneo Embedded offers a range of services to help embedded system manufacturers deliver optimized embedded solutions and products.  We provide Android SDK users the expertise to develop innovative, rich UI Android solutions and Android ready Linux kernel/driver customization.

Adeneo Mobility complements Adeneo Embedded’s expertise with line-of-business application development for handheld and mobile devices to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios for Enterprise customers.

Adeneo’s engineering provides best-in-class engineering tools and services.  We enable embedded device makers, OEMs, and ODMs to create dedicated device projects and major programs for large scale systems, including automotive, consumer, medical, and industrial equipment. 

Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

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Reference BSP for Intel Baytrail™ and Haswell™ platforms on Windows Embedded

Adeneo Embedded is a long time worldwide Intel partner, distributing Windows Embedded CE/Compact solutions for Intel embedded plaforms.

We deliver the official Windows Embedded CE 5.0/CE 6.0 aswell as Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 for Atom Series.

Our Windows CE and Windows Embedded Compact solutions cover:

  • Intel Atom Processor
  • Intel Atom Baytrail processor
  • Intel Haswell processor

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Partnership with Intel

Custom development

Maintenance & support


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  • Source BSP: Get access to the Android, Windows Embedded CE et Windows Embedded Compact full source code and adapt the BSPs to a custom Intel-based design

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Windows Embedded CE/Compact solutions for Atom Series

Adeneo Embedded is a worldwide Intel partner who distributes and supports Windows Embedded CE/Compact solutions for Intel embedded platforms. We deliver the official Windows Embedded CE 5.0/CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs for Atom series (see below the hardware platforms supported by each BSP version):



Windows CE 5.0

Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Windows Embedded Compact 7

Atom E3800




 and WEC2013

Atom N2800


Atom D2700


Atom N2600


Atom D410


Atom D510


Atom N270


Atom N400


Atom N450


Atom E600


Atom Z5xx










The source code evaluation is not applicable for this BSP since the source BSP is delivered for free. For the latest Intel Atom E3800 WEC7 BSP, we offer paid support contracts and professional services as this is a beta version of the BSP.

Source BSP Purchased

Source Code Evaluation

Support & Maintenance

Support & Update Extension
for One Year

Atom_WinCE 5.0 / 6.0 and WEC 7-WEC2013

Not applicable

Support Contract

Support Contract

Our Android expertise covers :

  • Evaluation services (trainings, benchmarking, design reviews, prototyping).
  • Android Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop,future version BSPs and driver development.
  • Linux/Android kernel and driver customization
  • Android porting to different hardware architectures. 
  • Middleware development with custom libraries expansion and product development
  • Android runtime optimization
  • Multi-market application development (GUI Design, connectivity and system performance).
  • Support, workshops and webinars
  • Integration Services (product maintenance, upgrades, quality assurance testing services).
  • Sep 05 2011

    Intel Embedded Alliance: Affiliate Member

    Leveraging its expertise on Android, Embedded Linux and Windows Embedded technologies with Intel Atom architectures.

  • Dec 30 2011

    New BSP release for Intel Atom

    Few days ago, our engineering team released a new version of the Adeneo Embedded WEC7 board support package for Intel Atom Processor N2800/D2700/N2600 with Intel NM10 chipset CedarTrail platforms

  • Aug 25 2011

    Now available: WEC7 BSP for “Tunnel Creek”

    The last Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP revision now supports Intel® Atom™ E6xx architecture