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BSP/Driver Development

A board support package is software that implements and supports an operating system on hardware like a development board. Usually built with a bootloader, a BSP contains the minimal device support to load the OS and device drivers for all the devices on the board.

Our firmware service delivery exceeds the industry standard in adapting existing reference BSPs to customer specifications. We work with each customer to understand their device project needs, and find ways to deliver extra value throughout the project including editing, and maintaining production-ready reference BSPs and drivers.

Take a look at our reference products we have already developed for various partners.


The 2 video demonstrations below illustrate Adeneo Embedded's boot time expertise on both Freescale (i.MX6 SABRE SDP) and Texas Instruments (OMAP5 Pandaboard) architectures.

Adeneo Embedded Fastboot Linux OMAP5 Panda board

Adeneo Embedded fastboot demonstration on Freescale i.MX6 SABRE SDP platform

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  • Custom Drivers
  • System Performance Optimization
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Adding Value with Efficient BSP Development

BSP development is a specialized task that requires in-depth knowledge of low-level system software, a thorough understanding of hardware, and deep familiarity of the OS internals.

Our many years of developing reference BSPs for new Silicon Vendor chips means we have extensive expertise in designing, implementing and debugging BSPs developed from scratch. Our firmware expertise combined with our reference BSPs ensure device makers and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) can:

  • Rapidly port an OS onto a target board to evaluate its capabilities

  •  Reduce the time required to develop an OS-based device

Our Expertise in Developing BSP

We have led projects with the leading embedded OS platforms including the Windows Embedded suite, Windows Mobile, Android and embedded Linux. Deep familiarity with some of the embedded industry's best processor architectures of ARM, PPC, NIOS, ColdFire and x86 have allowed our engineers to develop high-value technical skills in:

  • Developing bootloaders that allow a quick downloads of new OS images during the development process

  • Developing the architecture code that facilitates the communication between the OS kernel and the target device

  • Creating device drivers to support peripherals on-board such as a keyboard, touch screen, USB, audio and many others >> see an example: Driver for Texas Instruments WL1271 chip

  • Customizing the OS design to fit the needs of the final product through reconfiguring the BSP

If you do not have a BSP, Adeneo Embedded can create a new one or clone an existing BSP that is designed for similar hardware.

  Adeneo Embedded’s expertise in adapting an existing reference BSP to customer specification...  
Dave Bodey, Electrical engineer
Design collaboration with DetectaChem

Adeneo Embedded’s BSPs for Atmel CPUs combined with training and expertise services on CE 6.0 integration secured DetectaChem CE 6.0 device development with a rigorous timeline...

Mature Expertise in Custom and Complex Driver Development

Adeneo Embedded has been involved in many custom and complex driver developments including:

  • CAN
  • Custom FPGA based PCI card driver
  • HDLC
  • SPI Master & Slave
  • USB host and USB device
  • Flash
  • SD-Card
  • Display
  • Touch screen
  • Audio

Such complex driver development requires a great deal of expertise. It is vital to have a precise understanding of how drivers should interact with an OS or kernel to extend the standard BSP architecture and integrate specific customer required features.

Our engineering team provides development services for:

  • Rewriting existing device drivers for Windows Embedded Suite, Windows Mobile, Android and embedded Linux platforms

  • Creating new device drivers for ARM, PPC, NIOS, ColdFire and x86-based devices

Through our extensive expertise with embedded operating systems and ARM-based solutions, we can provide unique experience on optimizing firmware and software stacks of your design:

Case study

Low consumption in suspend for a custom platform based on a Texas Instruments OMAP3530 ARM Cortex-A8 processor and running on Linux 2.6.34 operating system

Power Management Optimization - TI OMAP3530-based Platform

  • Jul 15 2013

    TI AM335X StarterKit gets WEC2013 support

    Only one month after the General Availability of Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Adeneo Embedded announces the availability of support of the Texas Instruments AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 StarterKit.

  • Feb 05 2014

    Adeneo Embedded releases the new version of the QNX BSP for Zynq

    Adeneo Embedded announces the official new release of the QNX BSP for Zynq.

  • Jan 22 2014

    Adeneo Embedded achieves great result in Embedded Linux OMAP5 Fastboot !

    Adeneo Embedded engineers have achieved a significant result in a demonstration of embedded Linux fastboot.