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Select the BSP Designed for Your Needs

Adeneo Embedded specializes in embedded operating system integration into target platforms. We provide a wide range of thoroughly tested high quality BSPs that ease and speed up the development of Android, Embedded Linux, QNX and Windows Embedded Compact based devices. We offer and support both:

Reference BSPs for Silicon Vendor platforms

We work very closely with all the major silicon vendors to develop and maintain high-quality BSPs for their reference platforms on the above mentioned 4 main operating systems. Selecting an Adeneo Embedded BSP allows you to quickly get started with your design and also keep your product up to date as we continuously update and maintain the BSPs.

Windows Embedded Compact

Ready-to-Use BSPs for Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We also work closely with board manufacturers to deliver production-ready BSPs for their off-the-shelf solutions. The close technology partnerships between us and 3rd party h/w design houses allows us to bring new ideas/solutions to market in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. Our customers appreciate that this allows them to focus on their market, their end-users and what they do best instead of having to get into BSPs

Below is complete list of platforms and BSPs we provide, if you do not find the solution you are looking for then please contact our sales team as the product might not be listed on the website but can be made available.

Use our intuitive BSP search engine combo box to see the range of reference BSPs.

If you do not find one that meets your need, let us build the right one for your design.

>> BSP and Driver Development

Important piece of the puzzle

For your information, we use the following abbreviations to classify our BSPs:

  • SRC = Source BSP
  • BIN = Binary BSP
  • IMG = Binary Image
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Intel Braswell
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