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Reference BSP for Texas Instruments OMAP platforms on Linux, Android, QNX and Windows Embedded

Adeneo Embedded is the partner of Texas Instruments for the development on the OMAP4 series BSP on Windows Embedded. We also are the partner of TI to support the porting of the OMAP4 and OMAP5 BSP on Android, QNX and Linux.

The OMAP™ platform includes applications processors, a comprehensive software suite and power management technology to bring next-generation Smartphones and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) quickly to market.>> About the OMAP platform

Adeneo Embedded: Official Partner of TI for OS and SW support on OMAP4 and OMAP5

Being familiar with this hardware platform as well as Android, QNX, Linux, Windows Embedded Compact/Handheld operating systems, we are ideally placed to:

  • Accelerate you OS selection with our technical benchmarking service
  • Support you for BSP customization with a technical support contract
  • Help you in your design upgrade/migration (operating system, hardware)
OMAP 4 Platform

Adeneo Embedded Cube OpenGL video player on TI OMAP4430

  • Download
  • WEC7/WEH6.5 BSP Features


Source BSP for Windows Embedded Compact or Windows Embedded Handheld: These BSPs are available for free evaluation for 20 days.
Per the terms of distribution agreement Adeneo Embedded has with Texas Instruments for this BSP, If you decide to work on an OMAP4 based design and continue using the BSP after the 20 days evaluation period, you will then need to engage with Adeneo Embedded either in a yearly "platinum" support contract or a custom development services contract until the time your product ships

Download restrictions

Prior to click on the links below, please sign up or be logged-in. Then, you will have access to the 20d evaluation license. Please sign it and return it to websiteleads@adeneo-embedded.com. We will then send you the credentials to access the source BSP for 90 days.

If you do not find the product/BSP you are looking for, please contact Adeneo Sales

BSP OS & Version Price Download link

The Blaze™ development platform is an OMAP 4 platform-based development tools. They pair the OMAP 4 platform with key peripheral support to provide mobile innovators with a complete system solution that eases the development process and transforms designs into real-life applications.

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference board support packages includes:

  • Audio Driver Headset ouput

>> Onboard speaker output>> HDMI output>> Digital Microphone input

  • Display drive

>> LCD panel>> HDMI output

  • Capacitive Touchscreen driver

  • Backlight

  • Onboard eMMC support

  • External SD slot driver

  • I2C/SPI/UART/GPIO drivers

  • USB

>> EHCI host port driver>> OTG device/host driver

  • Full qwerty keypad driver

  • Battery driver


  • Power Management

>> DVFS support

  • SMP support in the OAL

>> Support for load balancing on both Cortex A9 cores

  • TWL6030 driver

>> RTC
>> General Purpose ADC

OMAP 4 Blaze

OMAP 4 Blaze by Texas Instruments