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Reference BSPs for Boundary Devices Nitrogen 6X

Adeneo Embedded is the official integration system partner of Boundary Devices for Android, Linux and Windows Embedded Compact 7 development into the Nitrogen 6X board based on the i.MX6 processor. This platform is based on a NXP i.MX6 processor incorporating quad core 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-A9 1.2 GHz. >> More information about the Nitrogen 6X - Boundary Devices

The i.MX6 processor sports a wider and faster memory bus (1.2 GByte of 64-bit wide DDR3 @ 532MHz), integrated HDMI,Gigabit ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth and additional display channels with a high level of integration. The Sabre Lite is a low cost development platform that allows customers to evaluate the i.MX6 processor before committing to a custom design as well as numerous connectivity options ideally suited for applications in embedded consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

The Nitrogen6X is a complete and low cost platform that integrates various features as well as . To have more information about this platform, please check the features bellow or visit our partner page. >> About the i.MX 6 Series Processors

Adeneo Embedded: Official i.MX6 Partner At Adeneo Embedded, our goal is to support device makers using our reference BSP combined with the Boundary Devices board Nitrogen 6X. This new collaboration allows combining each partner’s capabilities in Embedded Systems and Hardware, we are ideally suited to:

  • Assist you successfully in your evaluation stage with a dedicated training using the i.MX6 Nitrogen6X;
  • Accelerate you OS selection with our technical benchmarking service
  • Support you for BSP customization with a technical support contract
  • Help you in your design upgrade/migration (operating system, hardware)
Freescale i.MX6 Nitrogen6X Board

Nitrogen6X Board

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  • Binary Image: Evaluate Android, Embedded Linux and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating systems on the Freescale i.MX6 Nitrogen6X
Embedded Software Store

You can also purchase this BSP on the ARM Embedded Software Store

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  • Source BSP: Get access to the full source code and adapt the BSP to a custom Boundary Devices Nitogen6x i.MX6-based design (license fees indicated in table below) - BSPs requiring a license fee are also available for 20-day free evaluation (under NDA)

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Prior to click on the links below, please sign up or be logged-in. BSPs marked as "FREE" are directly downloadable. For those with a License fee, you will be asked to agree to a Software Licence Agreement (SLA).

If you are interested in evaluating for free during 20 days BSPs with a License fee, you have to:
1) Download the NDA
2) Fill in the blanks and sign the document
3) Send the document back to our sales team

If you do not find the product/BSP you are looking for, please contact Adeneo Sales

BSP OS & Version Price Download link

The Android, Linux, Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference board support packages include:




Booting from micro SD CardLoad image from ethernet


KITL supported via FEC

User Interface

PMIC with support for touchscreen

  • LVDS
  • HDMI (DVI)
  • MultiMon (sample code available on request)



Ethernet (FEC) with NDIS6 support
High speed USB Host and OTG
I2C, DMA, GPIO, SPI, IOMUX, CAN (sample demo)


Audio (supports playback)
GPU (OpenGL and OpenVG support)
Media Player Applications (Music, Video and Photo)
Internet Explorer browser
NXP multimedia codecs